Traveller 5 Walkthrough Replay – Part 2

continued from Part 1 Ensign John Doe, age 22, 47B776 SEH, Wound Badge-1 Trader-1, Author-1, Battle Dress-1, Astrogator-1, Pilot-1, ACS-Pilot-2, Grav Flyer-2, Fleet Tactics-1 A: You picked Flight as your branch, and you’re stuck with that now. Roll d6 4 times, to see what your assignments were. B: 2,3,5,1. What’s the get me? A: Strike, […]

Traveller 5 Walkthrough Replay – Part 1

I’ve been excited about Traveller 5 since before the Kickstarter. It’s been slow going getting errata and clarification for the game out, and there’s not much being written about it. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to follow the advice from the old Book 0 and get to know the territory. I […]