Traveller 5 Walkthrough Replay – Part 2


continued from part 1

Ensign John Doe, age 22, 47B776 SEH, Wound Badge-1
Trader-1, Author-1, Battle Dress-1, Astrogator-1, Pilot-1, ACS-Pilot-2, Grav Flyer-2, Fleet Tactics-1

A: You picked Flight as your branch, and you’re stuck with that now. Roll d6 4 times, to see what your assignments were.

B: 2,3,5,1. What’s the get me?

A: Strike, Seige, Mission and Battle. Busy term. Your total risk mod is -5 (-3 for the battle, -2 for flight). You can use strength or dexterity for your controlling characteristic.

B: I can move that by playing it safe right? How safe can I play it?

A: From -9 to 9.

B: Since I’d have to roll a 2 to succeed with a mod of zero, I’m going to be safe. +7. That gives me an end mod of +2, making my target 9. Rolled a 7. Made it.

A: And reward? Your target is 5

B: 10. Didn’t make it.

A: That’s alright. You need to check for promotion next. Remember you have a +4 from medals. Check vs Social

B: 6. Made it easy. Do I get to keep that +4 ongoing?

A: I’m not sure. Seems overpowered if so.

B: Also, it says here + WB mods. What’s WB.

A: It’s a wound badge. You have one of those too. They don’t list a value for that mod, and the example in the book doesn’t apply that mod. Let me check older revisions… Looks like variable values for medals is new to 5.09, and in the past, the medal roll always applied. Also, previously, caution or bravery was either a +2 or -2 in 5.0. Another interesting change was that if you failed your risk roll, you didn’t get to make a reward roll. (Which explains the ambiguity on if the CC changes between risk and reward on a failed risk roll). So yeah, it’s a +5 for the rest of your career (unless you get another badge).

B: So I can just coast through my Spacer career after one big break?

A: Worked for John Glenn

B: I’ve got a name. Glenn Johnson

A: Sigh… You get 5 skill rolls. You’ve unlocked personal, strike, seige, mission and battle.

B: How about one for each table, in order. 6,1,6,2,2

A: That’s be Soc +1, Fighter, Sensors, Strategy, and Admin. Fighter is a weapon skill, like before. Do you want to improve Battle Dress?

B: No, I’m gonna get slug thrower. What’s next?

A: You have to roll to re-enlist, or to see if you are forced to remain in the navy. Roll vs 7. That’s weird, some places it says vs Str, some it says 7-. 5.0 says 7+terms

B: I rolled an 8, what’s that mean ?

A: I’m going to say it’s a failure vs Strength. Because the page that says 7- as the target hadn’t changed from 5 to 5.09, and the other did. Also, the fixed target + terms has been largely eliminated in 5.09. Time to muster out of the Navy. To start, you get a personal weapon, your choice of Battle Dress or a Slug Thrower.

B: I’ll take the dress

A: I thought you would. You also get your Medal, and because it’s a SEH, you get a lifetime membership to the Traveller’s Aid Society. Also, looks like you’re kinda famous. Fame 2 for your Rank and wound badge, plus Fame 2*8 for your SEH and rank. Total 18. You can roll flux for that if you want.

B: Sure, that’s d6-d6?

A: Yup

B: 4-4=0 — well, could be worse.

A: You get three rolls for benefits. 2 for your service, one for your medal. You can roll for monetary rewards or benefits.

B: Is there a limit to the number I can put into Monetary rewards?

A: Doesn’t look like it. Also, you can, if you like add up to two to modify none, any, or all rolls.

B: One in monetary, 2 in benefits then. I rolled a 2, 3, and 1. If like to add mod +2 to the first two.

A: That makes it 4, 5, and 1. That’s a StarPass, +1 to Str, and a forbidden knowledge?

B: That sounded fun, what’s it do?

A: A forbidden knowledge is a skill that one doesn’t speak of in polite society. Roll a d6.

B: Streetwise. Are we ready to play?

A: Yes, though I’ve got to work some things out to prepare. Figure out battle dress, and maybe come up with some vehicles, and a world to start you on.

Ensign Glenn Johnson, age 26, 57B778 SEH, Wound Badge-1 Fame: 18
Trader-1, Author-1, Battle Dress-1, Astrogator-1, Pilot-1, ACS-Pilot-2, Grav Flyer-2, Fleet Tactics-1, Slug Thrower-1, Sensors-1, Admin-1, Strategy-1, Streetwise-1